Whether you are a complete novice or a seasoned professional, we would love to see you down at our training classes.  Our experienced trainers are here to help you and will help you learn how to train your dog.

We offer classes for beginners and basic pet training right up to advanced trial competition with DogsWest.  All class participants must be members of the club.

If you would like to join our classes, please read our Membership information.



Beginner class starts with an intro to understanding how dogs learn, leash handling, rewarding with food / treats/toys and life skills (what to do when out and about with your dog).  We cover the basics of what pet owners want from their dogs – basic manners – sit, stay and recall. We also introduce sniffing as a way to relax dogs, plus heel, loose lead walking and the introduction of stay and wait

Class 1

Class 1 improves on the skills commenced in Beginners classes and fine tunes them, improving lead work and heel positions while also increasing the criteria and changing the rate of reinforcement. We also add turns at this level.

Class 2

Class 2 continues to develop on the skills learnt at earlier levels and develop them to higher standards.  During this class, dogs work towards off lead work, increasing the reliability of stays, and sit or stand for exam is introduced.  Some basic Tricks and Rally signs are often incorporated also.

Class 3

Class 3 begins to refine some of the formal obedience skills, such as heelwork, stand for exam and off lead recalls. While used in competition, these skills are higher level skills the average pet owner also develops during these classes for use in everyday life.  Further development of Rally signs and positions are included, as are more Tricks.

Class 4

Class 4 is where the handler may choose the direction of their training between Competitive trialling or Social training.

In class 4C, Handler and dog may start their competitive obedience trialling careers, learning the exercises required for competition in an obedience trial and sometimes participating in mock trials.  This class also continues to support those that have begun trialling and have gained titles in obedience.

In class 4S Handler and dogs work on social on/off lead work, interacting with other dogs in a calm manner and gaining confidence to work off lead at an increased distance.  Hoopers for basic instruction to level 1 is included, as are interactive games and some jumping games at low heights suited for all age and sized dogs.

Class 5

This class is offered twice a month and is open only to dogs and handlers who are working towards their CDX, UD or UDX titles in ANKC obedience trials.  Classes will incorporate skills and exercises required for this level of competition and handlers are expected to work on the exercises between classes, showing progress at each class.


When we all start off with our new dog at a local training club, our aim is to have a well trained and socialised dog that we can take anywhere. Then what often happens is that people get interested in building a stronger relationship with their dog and training more than the basic requirements to have a happy family dog. They spend more time in the company of like minded people and the road to obedience competitions (called trials) has started.

Obedience trials are a sport and all those who participate do so with great sportsmanship and camaraderie.

Obedience trials demonstrate the ability of handler and dog to work together as a team. Classes are designed to be progressive, allowing both dog and handler to grow in experience and skill as titles are gained. It is essential that the dog shows a willingness and enjoyment while it is working and the handler demonstrates smooth and gentle handling.

All classes have titles to be gained and a pass on three occasions in each class is required to gain each title.

The first is CCD a class where the ring work is designed to show the basic work of the dog with heelwork on lead, a stand for examination performed on lead and an off lead recall.

Then a slight elevation in the next class the Novice class with a CD title in this the dog repeats the CCD work but off the lead and the added exercise of either a retrieve of a dumbbell or a change of position with the dog being left in a stand and the handler moving away 3 metres then will command the dog to drop.

The Open class CDX has more elements added such as a drop on recall, a retrieve over a jump or a directed retrieve plus either a broad jump or distance control.

Then we get to the classes where an Obedience Champion title can be gained from the Utility and the UDX classes. A very exciting pair of classes with seek back, send away and scent added to the mix.

All the classes have group stays as well, showing that the dog can be left for a short while in a group.

Obedience trials are very addictive and many lifelong friendships occur.

There is an official rule book that has a full explanation of all the classes. The link to this can be found on our links page.