Midland Dog Training Club would like to thank the following people for their help and support in the running of our club


Paul Skewes – President

Sarina Laurin – Vice President

Sarah Coates – Secretary

Leigh-Ayn Absolom – Treasurer + Trial Secretary

Naomi Adams – Webmaster

Clarissa McGuiness – Committee

Michael Bradley – Committee

Hannah Cresswell – Committee

Alex Deasy – Committee

Yvonne Zago – Committee


Paul Skewes

Sally Pleece

Michael Bradley

Clarissa McGuinness

Michell Bairstow

Nicola Head

Jill Houston

Sarina Laurin

Ellie Friesen

Leigh-Ayn Absolom

Deb Hyde

Alex Deasy

Naomi Adams

Megan McCormack

Joel Smith


For their long standing dedication and outstanding service to the club, the following people have been recognised as life members.

Margary Stanga – 2004

Keith Wilmshurst – 2005

Jan Welyky – 2010

Jill Houston – 2015

Paul Skewes – 2018

Sally Pleece – 2018

Clarissa McGuinness – 2019

Amanda Houston – 2022

Michell Bairstow – 2022